SASK Shop Product Care

Saskatchewan Clothing

Here are a few tips to ensure your SASK Clothing stays in top shape!

1. Delicately wash all items inside out in cold water and

2. Hang to dry.

3. Do not put printed items in the dryer as it can change the shape of the design. 


Winter Girl Boots & Accessories 

Thank you for choosing Winter Girl Boots as your winter footwear.  The following care instructions will ensure that your boots and accessories stay in good condition.

Vegan leather boots are easy to clean.  Dust and dirt can hurt the grain of your boots.  For regular cleaning, wipe with a damp cloth or sponge.  Dry with soft cloth and allow to air dry.    When travelling, you might use baby wipes to remove stains on your boots, as they are quick drying. For salt stains, clean with a mild water/dish detergent solution applied with a cloth.  Dry with soft cloth and allow to air dry.  Condition your boots and remove minor scuffs and marks with a boot and shoe cream polish in the colour of your boots; buff gently with soft cloth.  Very severe scuffs may require water-based shoe paint; please consult your nearest professional boot and shoe repair shop for this product and how to use it. We recommend Meltonian Boot & Shoe Cream Polish in the color to match your boots.

Bamboo Insoles inside your boots are fully removable! They are an added bonus feature that keep your feet dry and warm. The bamboo insoles are moisture wicking.  

  • Removing your insoles daily to dry excess moisture is highly recommended. This keeps your boots in good condition.

  • Use a waterproofing spray on your boots that is suitable for synthetic leather to increase the longevity of your boots.

  • Remove your boot accessories prior to removing your boots to ensure the snaps stay intact.

Metallic boot accessories also need care. If they become wet, wipe with a dry soft cloth to eliminate lingering moisture.  Clean using mild detergent and water.  For stains, polish gently with a soft cloth sprayed with glass cleaner; allow to air dry.   When not in use, they should be cleaned and stored in a fabric bag. Please ensure that you are snapping your accessories on with the flaps of the snaps going the same direction.

Lose an accessory? No problem! Just let us know and we will replace it for free!

Knitwear should be treated gently. Clean only if needed by using mild detergent and hand-wash in cold water only.  All knitwear is stretchable to the desired size.

Thanks for choosing Winter Girl Boots & Accessories!


Helen Oro Designs

Protect hand-beaded items as they are very delicate. Always keep sunglasses stored in a case and protect your jewelry by ensuring it is handled with care and stored in a safe place.